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I don't know if it's different in windows 10, but I've noticed that in windows 7 that the operating system only keeps a few of the backup points and it bumps out older backup points.
Someone I know has tried using system restore only to find that he could not go back as far as he wanted to in restoring his system.

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On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 08:00 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:
Personally, I wouldn’t restore or backup an image, too much to go wrong, even on the same hardware.
To each his or her own.  I'd rather gnaw off my own fingers than set myself up to have to reconfigure a machine and all its software after a drive failure.

I think I've had one restore in over 30 years not work, so your assertion about "too much to go wrong" just doesn't hold water in my professional experience.  If these suites were commonly problematic, they'd have died out long, long ago.  They're generally very slick, easy, and, most importantly, fast at getting a machine right back on its feet to precisely the state it was in when the full system image backup was taken.

That being said, you bring up another good point is that in addition to full system image backups, one should also be taking separate user data backups.  The File History utility in Windows 10 is an excellent tool for this.  Most backup & recovery suites also include a function strictly for user data rather than full system images as well.

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