moderated Re: Jaws 2018 and not working with headphones

Steve Matzura

I've had odd things happen as a result of Windows updates regarding JAWS and the headphone output on one of my computers. Among things that have already been mentioned, check what sound card JAWS thinks it's using. On my system I have to set it to use something called "Speakers (external)". When I plug 'phones in, they work. There's also a speaker inside the computer. If I select that one--"speakers (internal)"--and plug 'phones in, nothing happens. It depends not just on what JAWS is set to use, but also what Windows thinks is its default audio device. That can be found in Settings (Windows Key + I), type "sound" and press down-arrow until you hear "Sound settings," then tab through the dialog to discover how your system is set.

On 5/9/2020 9:11 PM, Cory McMahon wrote:
I’m using windows 10.


Cory McMahon

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