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Dave Durber

Internet Explorer allowed you to do that as well.

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i thought i would just throw this out there in case it helps someone.

i have just downloaded and installed the brave browser for the internet.

it is a verry slimmed down version of chrome or edge.

the one thing i liked about it, is that it allows you to proceed to web sites that are not recommended.

for example:

i have a nas storage device on my network, but it is that old, that the certificate is no longer valid.

even importing this certificate into my trusted route certifications store on my machine does not fix the problem.

both google chrome and chrome edge, just tell you that the site is bad, and thats all.

brave on the other hand, tells you that the site is bad, but gives you the option to proceed if you want.

obviously, given the fact that i know what this is, i want to proceed to it.

google chrome used to have a "proceed" button on it, as you will find if you search the net, but it has been removed in the latest version.

i also think, that brave is a lot nearer in interface to google chrome than it is to chrome edge.

yes, i have the latest version of both chrome browsers installed.

has anyone found a way to get to web sites that are invalid in either chrome edge or google chrome?

i would be interested to know how you did this, but for the moment, brave allows it.



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