moderated Weird braille display issue


Hi folks,

I am experiencing a weird and frustrating issue when writing emails using Thunderbird and the latest Jaws2020. My braille display is an Orbit Reader 20 Plus, and in all other editing writing situations, it works beautifully, even on Google Docs which can act weird for me sometimes. But each time I try and write an email message using it with Thunderbird, the lines get reversed. I press the Dot 8 key to produce a new line, which is produced, but when I start to type on the display, the typed characters appear at the very top of the message.

This does not happen with the same display and NVDA or Narrator and Thunderbird.

Is there some obscure Jaws braille setting I can play with to fix this problem? And, if it's a bug, to whom should I report it, Orbit research or Freedom Scientific (I know they've changed there name LOL).

Thanks for any suggestions. This is the only problem I am having with the orbit reader so far as a remote braille display.


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