moderated jaws, synthesizers, and phonemic changes


Hello everyone,

I would like to alter some pronunciations that are mispronounced by the synthesizers that jaws commonly uses, such as vocalyzer and eloquence. These changes would not work efficiently if these alterations are made using the jaws user’s dictionary. In a nutshell, I wonder if a dictionary or lexicon with phonemic changes can be added whether to modify the synth or to force jaws to take these changes.

When I say a dictionary with phonemic changes, I mean a file whether inbuilt in the screen reader or the synth, where I can write the actual word and its equivalent using some phonetic alphabet.

I was told that even though some synths do not bring a phonemic dictionary per se, they are capable to recognize a file with such characteristics, and I proved it to be true with the version of eloquence SAPI 4.


To be precise, I quote this information taken from Microsoft documentation about how to create a lexicon for tts programs and other apps.

For example, here are two phonetic spellings that a speech engine can use to recognize or speak the word “hello” in US English:


H EH . S1 L O


hh ax . 1 l ow


End of quote.

So, if someone would have at least a slightest idea of how this can be done or where should I put a file with such characteristics in jaws to force it to pronounce accurately all those words, I would be grateful.













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