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Tom Behler

Thanks, Ann.


This is very helpful, and cvlarifies things nicely.


Tom Behler



From: <> On Behalf Of Ann Byrne
Sent: Thursday, May 7, 2020 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: Reading a long Word document


That sounds like temporary placemarkers, not bookmarks.  Bookmarks are a Word function, and placemarkers are JFW.


To set a bookmark, press alt-n, then k.  Name the bookmark and press enter.  You can have tons of bookmarks in a document, but each one needs a unique name.


To move to a bookmark you have set, press ctrl+g (goto), Shift+tab to the list of options which will have ‘page’ at the top, and arrow down to book marks.  Press tab, and Word will list your bookmarks in a combo box that JAWS may or may not read, and you can move to the one you want.  If JAWS doesn’t read the list, which it didn’t for me, press the first letter of the bookmark and that seems to wake it up.

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