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Tom Behler

And, am I correct in that you can only set one bookmark at a time, and that previous bookmarks earlier in the document are not preserved??


Tom Behler



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Yes, control, Windows key + K.

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Is there a key command for inserting a bookmark?


Tom Behler



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Hi John,


I'd insert a bookmark at the place you want to leave off reading - the option is on the ribbon's insert tab.


When you reopen your document to resume reading, turn on JAWS quick keys with JAWS key+z, and navigate to the next bookmark by pressing the letter b until you land on the one you want.






On 7 May 2020, at 18:44, John Doering <john.doering@...> wrote:



I wish to read a book in Word document format.

Can someone please tell me how I can indicate in the document where I am so I can close the document and when opened again I can find where I left off?

Any help would be  appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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