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It also refers to the amount of bits your computer can process at the
same time. As said you get hardware which can process 64 bits like
motherboards, processors and ram but you can also run a 32 bit system
on these, but you can't run a 64 bit system on 32 bit hardware. You
get both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of windows, office and jaws, in
fact these days you get 64 bit versions of almost all software. The
advantage of a 64 bit system is speed and faster processing if
performing complex tasks like video or audio editing or rendering of
any other resorce hungry tasks. As said you probably already have a 64
bit system but to make sure, in windows 7 write click or applications
key on computer, then enter on properties, press jaws key + B or if
you have jaws 13 OCR the page, it will then read a lot of stuff about
your opperating system and computers hardware and someware it will
also say "system type 32 bit or 64 bit."
Just as a example of what I said above about 64 bit hardware, I've had
a 64 bit motherboard and processor for a while now but have been
running 32 bit windows all the time but now I want to switch to 64 bit
because I have more RAM in my computer and 32 bit windows can only use
up to 3.5 GB RAM no matter how much you have installed where 64 bit
windows can use all the installed RAM weather it's 1 GB or 64 GB,
however from personal experience with other computers I won't
recommend getting 64 bit windows on a machine with less than 3 GB RAM
and especially if you don't really going to use 64 bit resorce hungry
applications. This might just be me but in the past it felt like
machines with only 2 GB RAM running 64 bit were slower than when the
same machine ran on 32 bit windows.

On 2/20/12, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) <> wrote:
It refers to the width of the data path. A 32-bit program or OS will
usually run fine on a 64-bit machine (my 6-year-old HP is living proof),
but not the other way around. If you're running a 64-bit IE, you have a
64-bit CPU and operating system.


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Back in November my computer went toes up and I had to buy another one.
Before that I do not recall discussion of 32 versus 64 bit on these
technical support lists. For one thing that means that I bought a
computer without knowing whether it was 32 or 64 bit and without knowing
that there was such a thing. Since November the question of 32 versus 64
bit this and that have been an extremely frequent subject. The icon I
use to open my browser is labeled Internet Explorer 9 64 bit. Does this
mean that my computer is 64 bit or does that only refer to the browser.
If it is the latter then how do I find out how many bits my computer is?

Then, what does this 32 and 64 bit stuff mean anyway and what difference
does it make to me whether my computer or something on my computer is
one or the other anyway?

On 2/20/2012 12:18 PM, Nickus de Vos wrote:
Hi all
I'm currently running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, office 2010 and jaws
13. I want to go over to a 64 bit system but just want to find out if
there's anything in jaws which doesn't work or which acts differently?
In theory it should work exactly the same but you never know and I
don't want any nasty surprises.

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