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Mike B

I suggested this because there are several people that cross post and I got tired of the straggler emails that come through into my In-box instead of the assigned folder.  It's not a big deal, but everytime I got 1 of these emails in my In-box instead of its folder it made me think, okay who the hell is this and where / why am I getting this crap!  LOL    So, I stopped that real quick by modifying my message rule.

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I changed my subscription to individual messages, and thanks to Mike B's reply I can definitively state that I was wrong, completely wrong, about the [jfw].

But, both the To: and Reply-To: fields in the message are

So long as your filter is does an "or" as Mike has specified for the value in either to To: or CC: fields you should be fine, but I'd start out just filtering on To: and see if that is enough.

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