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One can test criteria for a rule first by using the "find" command, which in OE and in Outlook is shift + control + F.
Then use the various fields to find messages.
So in your "to" field put:
I'm sure you could filter with just
as well.
You can use as many fields as you wish, but the more criteria you use, the less it will find, and likewise, less it will filter.
But if that gets the results you want in a regular search filter, then use that criteria for your working filter.

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I changed my subscription to individual messages, and thanks to Mike B's reply I can definitively state that I was wrong, completely wrong, about the [jfw].

But, both the To: and Reply-To: fields in the message are

So long as your filter is does an "or" as Mike has specified for the value in either to To: or CC: fields you should be fine, but I'd start out just filtering on To: and see if that is enough.

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