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Milton Ota

Part of your problem is that you have an old version of JAWS and you should be running JAWS 2020.2004.66, which was recently released.

You should check out the Freedom Scientific Youtube Channel for demonstrations of Team with JAWS and visit the archeive on the past webinar on using JAWS with Team.

Another source for keyboard commands with Team can be found on the Microsoft accessibility page.

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Impressed that so many are successfully working with MS Teams. I'm having fits.
Using Win 10 JAWS 18. I've listened to the You tube videos and checked out the Microsoft link, provided on list. What should be happening, in order to join a meeting is not consistent. Supposed to be able to hit enter on the MS Team calendar entry and have it open, revealing the join link, but I get dead silence when I do this.
I've made sure that the virtual PC is enabled, but don't know what else I can try. In general, lots of the word "blank" when hitting tab and arrow keys.

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Steven,, ctrl 2 is the keystroke for quickly get into the chat list.

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Hi Steven,

You can find the complete training material on Microsoft Teams at
Microsoft Support Website.
Teams is completely accessible with JAWS and adding the link below
that has all the information including working, installation,
navigation and shortcuts etc.

Basic tasks using a screen reader with Microsoft Teams

Hope this helps


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Does anyone know if there is any traning material available please?


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