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          If you have not turned on Gmail's own keyboard shortcuts, definitely do so.  That's discussed in, Use Gmail with a screen reader - Gmail Help.

          Gmail does not use the typical terminology of folder for their webmail interface, but instead calls them labels (and these are, behind the scenes, implemented as folders - don' task me why they ever chose to use the labels terminology).  The end of the above noted page discusses the creation of labels and applying a label to a message or group of messages.

           If you know that there are certain messages, based on something like who's sent them, something in the subject field, etc., that you want in a specific folder (label) it makes much more sense to create filters in Gmail to handle this for you as messages come in.  I created a tutorial dedicated to this, Creating IMAP Labels (Folders) and Filters for Gmail.

           Here are several more tutorials I've created that may prove useful to you at some point:

I am not certain what it is that you want to know about navigating conversation view (threaded messages) but it's touched on briefly in the Gmail help page I gave the link to earlier.

I have not watched it, but there is a YouTube item that may prove to be helpful to you:  

Using the Online Gmail Client with NVDA - YouTube

Even though it's with NVDA, the principles apply, and you would, of course, use the equivalent JAWS commands.


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