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Adrian Spratt

On your first question, let me tell you how I do it in Outlook 2016 and hope it works the same for you. Close the message and place focus next to it in the message list. Press control-shift-v. You will be asked for the name of the folder where you wish to save the message. Start typing until you hear the folder's name. then press enter.

I haven't experienced your second problem. As for threated messages, I won't assume I's the same as with Outlook 2016. However, if no one else responds soon, look into "conversations" in the ribbon.

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How do I save a message in my inbox to a specific folder?

Actually I am also wondering why when I am in gmail in google chrome app (cause that's what I use) sometimes when I am typing an email in the message body text field, and I press enter to go to the next line, sometimes it works but sometimes it takes me out of the message area field. Or also when I am reading through the message I am typing, using up and down arrow, sometimes it will do as I want it to and go up/down a line, but sometimes pushing arrow key takes me out of the message field.

Lastly, I am wondering how to navigate threaded messages effectively.

Specific and basic help with these three questions would be much appreciated.

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