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Vaughn Brown

Hi there,

If you hit enter again after being popped out of the field you will
keep your place. I rarely have this issue but it seems to happen in
web mail apps.

As for saving emails to a folder there is a save function under the
menu bar. After hitting enter on this you ought to save the email as
if saving a regular file such as a document.

And as for the arrowing popping you out of the subject it means that
the cursor has moved beyond the field's limits.

Hopes this helps.

On 5/6/20, Anna Givens <> wrote:
How do I save a message in my inbox to a specific folder?

Actually I am also wondering why when I am in gmail in google chrome
app (cause that's what I use) sometimes when I am typing an email in
the message body text field, and I press enter to go to the next line,
sometimes it works but sometimes it takes me out of the message area
field. Or also when I am reading through the message I am typing,
using up and down arrow, sometimes it will do as I want it to and go
up/down a line, but sometimes pushing arrow key takes me out of the
message field.

Lastly, I am wondering how to navigate threaded messages effectively.

Specific and basic help with these three questions would be much

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