Re: Jaws acting very strange!

David Hardingham

HI all,

I did use scroogle scrapper until they disappeared.

I tried setting up the web site listed in the post from David but cannot seem to get to stick.

There is a link for making the site my homepage and I did what it said but no luck.

When I go to i.e. 8 it says page cannot be found.



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Hello there;
Many folks are having issues with google page,
You may want to try;

this is a good alternative search engine.

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My computer came with IE9 installed as default so I had to reinstall IE8 to
work with Jaws 11. I'm not having any problem except with the I'm feeling
lucky button.
The more annoying problems are with the alt tabbing and the ctrl arrow keys
and the subject line and contact fields.

Brandon Keith Biggs
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Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) by default is 32 bit, you have to hunt
around in the Windows start menu to get to the 64 bit version of IE, so you
are probably not using it.

Jaws11 just plain does not work well with Windows 7 64 bit on some systems.

You only hope is probably to wait to upgrade to Jaws13. Sorry!

You may wish to consider re-installing Jaws11 as a last resort, but that is
not very likely to solve any problem

In general there are few, if any, performance benefits from using 64 bit
applications in and of themselves. The main benefit to 64 bit, given the
current Microsoft architecture, is that you can use more than 4GB of RAM
(memory). This is useful if you certain resource-intensive applications,
such as graphics programs, database applications, etc., or are a developer.

Please note that the "Home Basic" version of Windows 7 64 bit only supports
up to 8GB RAM, to use more you need "Home Premium" or to go over 16GB, any
of "Professional", "Ultimate", or "Enterprise" versions.

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I've not installed anything from windows recently. I'm on a laptop and I'm
not quite sure how to change resolution. I'm not sure if I have IE for 32
64 bit, didn't know there was more than one although if it did ask me I
would've chosen 64.
I'm trying to get Jaws 13, but it's probably not going to be for a while.
This laptop is new as of Christmas and I haven't changed the hardware at

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