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Van Lant, Robin

Others are sharing tips that all do play into lines per page.  The biggest difference starting in Word 2010 and later Word is that Microsoft decided to make the default now include some extra visual spacing between each line that is not controlled by your typical single, double or 1.5 line spacing.  We blind folks would have no way of knowing this has changed except for seeing that less content fits on a page and/or that one setting is different.   If she is using the same font as in the past, I’ll bet that the real kicker for her is this new formatting, which is controlled in the paragraph settings.   As someone noted, what she wants is the following:   Here is how to fix it in the default.


Go into a document.  If she needs to fix a current document, press Control A to select all in the document.  Press the application key to open the context menu and arrow down to paragraph. 

A dialog box will open. 

Tab through till you hear the settings for “Before” and also “After”.  In both of these edit boxes, type 0. 

Tab to the line spacing combo box and be sure it is set to Single. 

Then tab to the checkbox that asks if you want space between each paragraph of the same type.  Uncheck this box. 

Tab to the button to “Set as default” and click it.

Then tab to OK and hit that. 


The same steps can be done in an empty document to set this to the default for your copy of Word. 









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My recommendation is to open a blank document.

Press the applications key or shift+f10, and then the letter f for fonts.

Pick the font she wants, tab to regular, then tab to size and if she wants 46 lines, 12 point will give her that with most fonts. Then either shift tab a bunch or continue tabbing a bunch to set as default and hit space bar, then a dialog comes up that is defaulting to this document only, tab twice to the radio button and arrow down once to for all documents based on the normal template and hit enter.

She may need another enter on OK to get it to stick.

For the Margins, press Alt+p which puts you on the Layout tab, arrow down once and Margin is the first item.  Hit space on that and then she can either do a custom or arrow through and find 1 inch margins. And select that.

One more thing I would do that probably means she will need to go back to Layout with Alt+p and down arrow, then tab to the settings for before Paragraph and after Paragraph and make sure they are both set to 0.

Otherwise, you get odd extra spacing and sighted folks, at least my wife, are not happy.


I hope that helps,





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Hi All,


I don't run Word 365, so could someone please post steps for how to set font, line spacing & margins for the young ladies post below?


From: Rena
In windows 7 and ms word 10, pages had 46 lines, but in windows 10 and ms word 365 pages only have around 30 lines.


What can I do to have pages of 46 lines?


Just in case, I use jaws 2020.

Thank you all very much.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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