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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Make sure you use a scheme that tells attributes; all possible restore
points will be in boldface.

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Good Day: You can make a System Restore using Jaws. Go to the start
menu and arrow to all programs and press the enter key. After you are
in all programs arrow until you find accessories and press enter. The
next step is to arrow or press the letter s untill you come to system
and press the enter key again. After you are in the system option arrow
to system restore or restore depending upon which Windows System you are
using and press the enter key. After you are at the System Restore you
will have options as to how far back you wish to restore your computer.
If your problem just started I'd probably pick the first option. Once
you have started the computer through this process you will not be able
to use it for sometime until it has completely run through it's
acctions. Make sure you do not turn the computer off until it is
complete or it will back where it is right now. Good luck.
Your Friend Dave

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Subject: System restore with JAWS

Hi! I was getting error messages when I was trying to open mail in
Outlook Express this morning, and when I closed the program and tried
to open it I was no longer to even do that. I'm wondering how to do a
system restore using JAWS because I seem to recall having a great
amount of trouble doing this independently many years ago. If it's
possible to do a system restore using JAWS independently, could
someone please tell me how to go about doing this? I was just telling
someone yesterday that I ruin everything I touch. I was only joking,
but maybe I was more right than I realized. (Sigh!)

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