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On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 01:14 PM, Tom Behler wrote:
I don’t mean to complain or to be negative.  This was just my experience.
I don't ever view reporting of experiences, and particularly negative ones, in a measured manner as "being negative."  We've all been there.

But it all comes back to the last thing I said earlier:  'Tis the nature of tech support, no matter whose.

Any of us who've been in the business I'm in to make a living knows that, on far too many occasions, technical support is neither.  But where they're based out of, what company it is, and any host of other factors won't change the basic fact that, in any professional arena, there are individuals of varying skill sets and backgrounds that can and will directly affect quality of service.  I wish we all got "the great masters" when we called tech support, but . . .

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