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Tom Behler



That’s exactly what I did when I had that major problem a year or so ago.


The second person I got finally understood the situation, after a number of hours, and escalated the case to a higher level in their system.


The person I ultimately got to discovered and fixed the issue within a half hour.


But, again, that was many hours, days, and phonecalls later.


This could have been a much more serious issue if I had been working and dealing with this in the work environment where demands on one’s time are great.


I don’t mean to complain or to be negative.  This was just my experience.


Tom Behler



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On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 11:51 AM, Tom Behler wrote:

I realize that Microsoft Accessibility can be a valuable source of help for some;  but I have experienced serious shortcomings in the quality of their assistance and the level of knowledge at times.

I think everyone who has used this service repeatedly has had the same sort of experience every once in a while.  The standard advice, which I follow, is once it becomes apparent that the particular tech you happen to be working with on the issue at hand doesn't know what they're doing, make a quick exit from the call with whatever excuse you care to use.  Then, if so inclined, call back.  You generally end up with a different tech and in many cases they do know what they're doing.

'Tis the nature of tech support, no matter whose.

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