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I think Debbie may be right on with her question, until Andrew confirms whether he has actually downloaded the Office installer from Office 365 and installed the suite

It makes little sense to speculate. Of course if Microsoft Accessibility had logged in one should assume they checked this.

Andrew, also one more question, how do you set Outlook as your default?


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On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 11:51 AM, Tom Behler wrote:

I realize that Microsoft Accessibility can be a valuable source of help for some;  but I have experienced serious shortcomings in the quality of their assistance and the level of knowledge at times.

I think everyone who has used this service repeatedly has had the same sort of experience every once in a while.  The standard advice, which I follow, is once it becomes apparent that the particular tech you happen to be working with on the issue at hand doesn't know what they're doing, make a quick exit from the call with whatever excuse you care to use.  Then, if so inclined, call back.  You generally end up with a different tech and in many cases they do know what they're doing.

'Tis the nature of tech support, no matter whose.

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