moderated Re: using chrome's spellcheck with jaws


Hello, while on  Chrome, press F6 and continue tabbing until you hear the Chrome Menu and press enter.
Then, switch to virtual PC cursor mode, and navigate by heading and locate advance and click spacebar to expand it.
Right Under the advance heading, you will be noticing a new heading titled as languages under which you are going to have
Show language options
 Spell check which is a toggled control; that means you can turn it on or off by pressing space.
Once you turn it on, you will have the 2 spelling options, Basic and Enhanced Spelling respectively  which are presented as radio buttons, so that you could make the selection to your liking.

Hope this helps

On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 9:11 PM tina sohl <tinabir80@...> wrote:
Hi. Does anyone know how do do this especially if you're writing an
email in gmail?  can't figure it out.

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