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And to add to Sieghard Wietzel's latest observations, which are correct, anyone in the IT business knows just how tightly controlled Apple is about its ecosystems overall.  As I put it, if you use Apple products, you are simply expected to become one with the Borg.  Apple does not allow third parties to have access to their app stores at anywhere near the levels that Microsoft has allowed third-parties to interface with Windows (or that Android allows in its ecosystem).  That matters.

You have far greater options in the Windows world as far as available software and the ability to customize the user environment itself.  With that wide range of options you also have a wide range of crap, too.  But when it comes to accessibility issues, I can guarantee you that there are times where it's Microsoft's fault, the application developers' fault, the screen reader developers' fault - singly - and times where at least two of the three or all three have some involvement in less than stellar accessibility.  It's also a fact, particularly when it comes to accessibility on webpages or in web applications, that ongoing changes in actual coding are coming at a rate that no screen reader developer is going to be able to keep up with, and this is not new, and it will not be going away.

In certain arenas, accessibility is always going to be a game of catch-up.  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be . . .

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