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On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 09:29 PM, Norma A. Boge wrote:

I thought it was a no-no on a list which is comprised primarily of screen reader users to not top post messages.

            It generally is, unless one is retaining material for context, like I am, to address specific points.  When a topic is long, and there have been multiple participants, and what's bottom posted is pretty much the entirety of the topic to that point it's often nearly impossible to know what's being responded to.

I think it is just courteous to  have list messages be the easiest to read for all of us.

And so do I, but what you appear to believe is always easiest is not an opinion I share.  I've been begging people to select and delete all of the crap that is typically left bottom posted because it makes searching the group archive for the actual original sources an absolute nightmare.  Sadly, that's gained zero traction.

I generally top post for the very reason you mention, but not always, as this reply demonstrates.  I think it would be harder for a later reader, encountering this message in isolation, to have a clue without retention of the specific points I'm responding to in order to retain the context.


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