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Rick Mladek

Now there is a common Tech response to blame the hardware no matter how new or pristine condition it is in. The software here, JAWS, is not keeping up with the software it is to be working with, be it MS OS to apps as Office or others as Netflicks etc. How can a Company continue to charge for annual upgrades if they do not offer a completely functional product? This is a Jaws issue and you cannot blame any other for no, what is wrong with the product may not effect all the same but the said product/software should have most if not nearly all bugs killed before put on the so-called shelf to be sold.


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On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 05:08 PM, David Diamond wrote:

I muse as well if this is not the proverbial trying to put a square peg in a round whole?

I have said, again and again, on multiple venues:  Most issues are idiosyncratic to the machine on which they are occurring.

I've been in the computer business since the 1980s, and when any given piece of software has a bug (be it major or minor) this appears on virtually every machine on which it is installed.  I say virtually because it depends on the end user doing something that invokes the actual buggy code; if they don't, everything will look perfect for them.

But most people are simply not willing to accept that there is very likely something wrong at their end.  And this is all the more true when uncharacteristic behaviors keep repeating themselves.

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