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David Griffith

I hesitate to enter the discussion again in case I provoke Brian into one of his threatened screams which seems a strangely emotional response.

Specifically  in relation to the points made the clone of your OS can  be surprisingly small, in the Snapshot case between 20-30GB in my case – although I have all my data on separate drives from my SSD.

By the way the claim that you would only want an image restore in the case of catastrophic failure is I think a strange claim. I don’t know why developers would include the feature if this was true.

I have several times re-imaged Windows from within a bootable Windows for many different reasons.

  1. Sometimes Windows has just slowed up for indeterminable reasons. Rather than dive into reasons why it is simpler to go back to a known clean working image.
  2. On one occasion I had a company unfortunately non responsive over an activation difficulty – again  restoring re-instating my image sorted this issue.
  3. On another occasion my main media player started not working properly despite un-install and re-install. Again a quick 20 minute re-instatement of my image sorted this.
  4. Finally on thankfully only the one occasion I managed to have a Trojan on my machine that neither ESET Smart Security nor Malwarebytes was able to remove. There were masses of instructions online on how I had to go into Safe mode etc to get rid of it but again I simply used Snapshot to go back to a clean install which removed the issue quickly.


However if there is truly a solution which provides support for catastrophic failure as helpfully suggested earlier I like others would be keen to investigate this as it could be a money saver avoiding the need to employ sighted help.


David Griffith



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Subject: Re: Accessible System Backup Image software, (WAS) the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit


How much space do you need to store the full system backup? I know this depends on what you have on your disk but just for example, say you are using just under 500GB.




From: David Griffith

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Subject: Re: Accessible System Backup Image software, (WAS) the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit


I use a solution which is I suppose is 3/4 accessible. Snapshot will allow a fully accessible disc image backup. Provided you can get into Windows at all the restore of the image is also a fully accessible. You simply select the image you want to restore to and Snapshot will simply restart your computer and about 20 minutes later you will hear your screen reader announce your Windows login for the restored image. I have done this several times with success without sighted help. Where it falls down is if your system is in such a state it cannot boot into Windows. The developers provide an ISO file to create a bootable CD drive but of course there is no speech here on that disc. They did tell me what I needed to type once the CD loaded to restore windows but in practice in these situations I have always resorted to sighted help and a fresh windows install.

David Griffith


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If you boot to Win PE, you can use 7Zip to zip up your HD and unzip it if you need to at a later time.

Also, when you do this, you can delete two system files that are temp files, and will save you the amount of twice your RAM.

So if you have 4GB of RAM, you can save 8GB by deleting pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys before zipping up your HD, and windows will recreate those two files on boot-up.

They are just temp files Windows uses as virtual memory.




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Subject: Accessible System Backup Image software, (WAS) the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit




I know this has been addressed before, but could someone suggest an accessible system backup image program that is easy to use independently, and that works well with Jaws?


I routinely back up all my files, but would like to be able to back up my complete hard drive if possible.


Until now, I’ve always understood that these backup image programs have accessibility issues at certain points, but perhaps I’m wrong.


Tom Behler





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Subject: Re: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit


On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 08:26 AM, Rick Mladek wrote:

Too obvious to be a mere coincidence...

If you have had this occur, twice, you should be looking at something being wrong with your hardware.

Application software has never, in my decades of experience, corrupted any OS (and I don't count viruses or malware as "application software.")

You are, however, giving people very good advice with regard to having a backup protocol and taking full system image backups on a routine cycle.  The number of things that have the potential to cause a system to crash are numerous, and generally related to people screwing around with the OS itself in ways they shouldn't or drive failure.  Having a backup saves you untold time and grief.

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