moderated Re: Accessible System Backup Image software, (WAS) the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit


For those considering using a cloned drive as a backup solution (and there's nothing wrong with that provided you re-clone when there have been either changes to your system you wouldn't want to have to make again or a significant influx of new user data you would not want to (or, in the case of photos and some audio, be able to) reproduce) make sure that you have a drive that is plug-and-play as a replacement for the main system drive of the system being cloned.

I have seen a couple of sad cases where people were cloning to external backup drives, and when they needed a quick way to get back on their feet again, realized that their clone would have to be cloned to a different drive that was plug-and-play compatible for the one that has failed.

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