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Rick Mladek

My hardware is not the problem thanks. The system, hard-drives and all are new and kept in the utmost best condition humanly possible. This is software and there is not one that can prove otherwise. Too many issues with 2020 and every update throughout the year does not fix problems, just new headaches arise. One or two may say they have had no problems, this is wonderful for them, if at all factual. However, the masses speak as one, this version, 2020, is showing the focus of FS with their annual version getting out and money to be made off of we dedicated users Vs. stable software with as few issues as is obvious a constant problem through the years and growing more as each version is rushed/forced into existance/usage.


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On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 08:26 AM, Rick Mladek wrote:

Too obvious to be a mere coincidence...

If you have had this occur, twice, you should be looking at something being wrong with your hardware.

Application software has never, in my decades of experience, corrupted any OS (and I don't count viruses or malware as "application software.")

You are, however, giving people very good advice with regard to having a backup protocol and taking full system image backups on a routine cycle.  The number of things that have the potential to cause a system to crash are numerous, and generally related to people screwing around with the OS itself in ways they shouldn't or drive failure.  Having a backup saves you untold time and grief.

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