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           There are a number of options.   I am going to qualify what follows with:  I am only interested in accessibility with regard to taking the backup, not doing the recovery.  I have been in a long recent discussion about this and there is nothing short of "extreme geek measures" I am not willing to take, and I doubt most would be able to take, to make a recovery process accessible.  Screen readers run under operating systems, and during a recovery you do not actually have a full-blown Windows instance running.  That's what you're trying to recover.  I fully expect that if recovery is necessary a sighted assistant will be as well.  If anyone can present a backup and recovery suite that is fully accessible, on both ends, even if it's just for taking a system image and later recovering it, I'm all ears.  So far no one has.

            Macrium Reflect Free is not 100% accessible, but it is entirely accessible for setting up a system image recovery then using that setup on-demand to take the actual image.  For myself, I always do a full system image, as those are the fastest to recover from.  You need to take (as you said you do) user data backups between your full system image backups if you're generating enough new files that you'd want to commit hara-kiri were you to lose them and/or have to do the work to re-create them.

Using Macrium Reflect Free with a Screen Reader


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