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Dave Durber

Hello Milton:
Why on earth would Patrick use the temporary JAWS authorization, if you had been following his posts on the problems he had with it, you would know, that would be the last thing he would want or, wish to do.
Personally, I would not touch Microsoft Edge with a bargepole, no matter what version it is.
Dave durber

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I will assume that you have this version number of the new Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge Version 81.0.416.68


You also need to be running the latest version and build:

Version 2020.2004.66


This is JAWS 2020. This build came out earlier this week.


If you don’t have JAWS 2020 and this latest build you can download a free use of JAWS from the Freedom Scientific website which will be good until the end of June.


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Subject: Re: jaws and the new edge chrome.


Hi All,


I have just installed the new chrome edge (stable version).

Can anyone make sense of this so called new brilliant browser?

No matter what i do in settings, it still insists on using the “bing” virus as a search engine. I imported my settings from google chrome, and it ignored them completely.

It wont let me edit a profile.

However, it keeps adding them. Now i have “profile1” and “profile2”.

Has anyone got rid of this “thing” after installing it?

Can someone with a science degree tell me how to use this piece of what seems to be rubbish?

Sorry, i don’t mean to be sarcastic, but i am sick and tired of Microsoft saying that their things are great, only to find, that they just don’t work with jaws.




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