moderated Resolution to my Jaws2020 and Outlook 2016 issues

Alan Robbins

Hello group,


With some helpful suggestions from list member Mike B. I have resolved the issue I wrote about last week Jaws was reading all types of gratuitous information in emails.

Anyway Mike reminded me of the layered Jaws command (insert, spacebar, then letter Z) This puts Jaws into default mode with no altered settings I made. As soon as I did this there were no issues with reading any type email. At this point I knew somehow my settings in Jaws 2020 had become changed or corrupted in some manner. So, I exported my settings from Jaws 2019 and imported them into 2020 with the replace command rather than the merge setting. Jaws 2020 now reads emails correctly like my Jaws 2019 did. So if you find yourself having issues with Jaws all of a sudden for some unknown reason try that layered command to see if JAWS still does that in default mode. Incidentally, that keystroke is a toggle so doing it again puts you back to regular JAWS




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