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Rick Mladek

Hi all,

The control keyboard command, either control +F or insert +control +f also
is troubled in all browsers using latest version of jaws with most up to
date windows 10 This is troubled in all, not one or the other browsers but
all. Surely someone else has noticed this, as well. It simply does not find
what you or I may know is on the page. This also is troubled in other apps
as Outlook and MS Word 2019.


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Sent: Saturday, May 2, 2020 12:08 PM
Subject: Re: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit

Hi Sieghard

I take your point, that there can be other things effecting jaws.
However, I feel lately, that there is a lot of things that freedom
scientific are not testing.
You may have been lucky with this, as you had access to the group policy
editor in windows pro. As you know, this is not available in windows home.
Another thing I have discovered for example, is that in the new Microsoft
chrome edge, try the following.
Press ctrl+f to enter the find box.
Try to type something that you know is on the page.
You will not find it.
Press close on the diagolue box.
Now using the f3 key to enter jaws find.
Jaws will say that the item cannot be found.
This new edge is only out.
Surely, someone testing this with jaws in freedom scientific discovered
If not why?



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Sent: Saturday 2 May 2020 16:54
Subject: Re: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit

Hello Pat,

I don't wan to minimize the issues you had, but Jaws 2020 has been out for
over 6 months and while there will always be certain configurations and
systems with various issues, these may not always be 100% the fault of Jaws.
I, for example, had one computer where for over a year I could not use any
of the Windows apps like Calculator and in addition to that Jaws would read
absolutely nothing in the start menu or the Settings app. I could open
Settings and when somebody checked I was told visually everything was fine,
I could right arrow and down arrow and focus would move, I could press enter
and whatever category I was on opened up and so on, but Jaws was absolutely
silent. This was even before Jaws 2020 came out and it was like this with
Jaws 2018 and Jaws 2019 and nothing I did including completely uninstalling
both versions, deleting all Jaws folders and reinstalling would fix it. At
the same time I had another almost identical computer at my business with
very similar hardware and all worked fine. Finally I read a post somewhere
where another user had the same problem and somehow they either found out or
were told to check if a particular item in the group policy editor in
Windows 10 Pro was enabled. I checked the same setting and it was disabled
on this particular computer, I have no idea why or how, but it was and as
soon as I enabled it all worked perfectly. Narrator, by the way, worked just
fine in the Settings app, start menu and calculator, it was just Jaws which
had the problem and the problem which fixed the issue had nothing to do with
Jaws, but was simply a Windows setting.
I mentioned this because it shows how sometimes a problem with Jaws can be
extremely specific to one system and be caused by something which is
directly not even related to Jaws. I am convinced that if I had wiped the
system and reinstalled Windows this would have also fixed the problem, but
this happened to be on the PC we use as the main register at my retail store
and there is other software on this system which is not quite so easy to
reinstall so for the longest time I just put up with it and used Narrator if
I wanted to do something in the Settings, I hardly ever use the start menu
anyways and when I needed to calculate something I'd just open up Excel
instead of using the Calculator. This way I could work around the problem,
but it was sure nice when it turned out to be such a simple fix which took
me all of 30 seconds to make.

Best regards,

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Subject: Re: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit


Not surprised you are having trouble. I myself, only recently, had trouble
with installing jaws 2020. I had an authorization problem with windows 10.
Like you, i had to uninstall everything and reinstall everything.
Perhaps freedom scientific should look at this version of jaws again, and
take the bugs out of it.
God knows what else is wrong that hasn't been discovered yet.
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Sent: Friday 1 May 2020 16:37
Subject: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit

I have tried to update to the latest jaws 2020 on a windows 7 32bit system
and when I do my system starts rebooting over and over. I get the error that
the gdihooks.dll is missing from my computer and to reinstall the software.
I finally got it to work removing all the jaws installations and only
installing a 2003 build of 2020. Now, on my laptop running windows 10 had no
problems with the 2004.66 update of jaws 2020. go figure!

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