moderated Financial tracking software that is relatively cheap and accessible! quicken sure was not.

Jenni Kent

Hi, I want software for money management where a I can connect to my online banking b its not a hundred bucks a year forty is nice c it actually works with jaws and doesn’t have outdated scripts from 2003.

My story begins yesterday when I looked for excel templates those just weren’t for me. I am not good with excel I just don’t know how to operate it with jaws. I will be honest.

So I got a tip on an offer for quicken. I grab it for thirty percent off on quicken deluxe. Forty bucks later I discover that the program is less than forth coming in the accessibility department and that’s with nvda and jaws 2020 this morning I requested a reason for this and they asked me what a screen reader was. I almost cried but then explained. They said there was nothing they could do and would I like a refund. I said yes. Because I am sorry that is so not cool. So I beg of you do yall know of anything that will do what I seek let me get stuff from my bank automatically and track when bills are due and the like oh and quicken wouldn’t even open a qfx file which it apparently used to open yeah I am not happy right now.

Please help me I suck at keeping this budget in my head.



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