moderated Re: jaws and the new edge chrome.

Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...>

Hi All,


I have just installed the new chrome edge (stable version).

Can anyone make sense of this so called new brilliant browser?

No matter what i do in settings, it still insists on using the “bing” virus as a search engine. I imported my settings from google chrome, and it ignored them completely.

It wont let me edit a profile.

However, it keeps adding them. Now i have “profile1” and “profile2”.

Has anyone got rid of this “thing” after installing it?

Can someone with a science degree tell me how to use this piece of what seems to be rubbish?

Sorry, i don’t mean to be sarcastic, but i am sick and tired of Microsoft saying that their things are great, only to find, that they just don’t work with jaws.




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