moderated Re: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit

Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...>


Not surprised you are having trouble. I myself, only recently, had trouble
with installing jaws 2020. I had an authorization problem with windows 10.
Like you, i had to uninstall everything and reinstall everything.
Perhaps freedom scientific should look at this version of jaws again, and
take the bugs out of it.
God knows what else is wrong that hasn't been discovered yet.

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Subject: the latest update to jaws 2020 giving me a fit

I have tried to update to the latest jaws 2020 on a windows 7 32bit
system and when I do my system starts rebooting over and over. I get
the error that the gdihooks.dll is missing from my computer and to
reinstall the software. I finally got it to work removing all the
jaws installations and only installing a 2003 build of 2020. Now, on
my laptop running windows 10 had no problems with the 2004.66 update
of jaws 2020. go figure!

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