moderated Re: Changed order of items shown outside of email


Hi Kevin,

Seems like you have Conversation view Turned On. In this the emails will show up as Threads
If you Turn this Off you'll get separate individual emails, rather than an email with multiple threads.

Hope this helps


On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 7:11 PM kevin meyers <kman2020@...> wrote:

Hello, I’m using WS10, Office2016 and most recent version of Jaws2020. I switched the order of the information that shows when on the outside of an email in Outlook. Prior to the most recent version of Jaws I had the subject appear first. Installing the most recent version of Jaws2020 it put the person sending the email appears first. I then changed the view to have the subject first. Now there are emails that I have to press enter on twice. I talked to Microsoft accessibility and they said it was caused by the email having a string of emails and the subject lines are different from one to another. Looking at the email The emails after the current one doesn’t show a subject line. Not sure how MS could say the subject line was different. Plus why would a different subject line cause me to need to press enter twice. I have other emails that have multiple emails within the current one and I only have to press enter once. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin

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