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David Diamond

I was in such a meeting on Wednesday. And what happened was the organizers sent each of us a group invitation to as he would say break off. Once receiving the invitation, we clicked on the link and we were in a separate group. Simple.

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My guess is that if there are breakout sessions you will have to login into the session/room that you want to participate.


The Organizer should be sending out instructions and links to the separate rooms for you to choose from.


In other words I don’t think you can just split off to separate rooms while on the main session.


Hope this is clear.




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Hello group,

Tomorrow morning, I will be participating in a Zoom conference that includes break-out sessions. I assume that there is a tab within Zoom that identifies break-out sessions, (I would think by number) from which I can select the one that I want to join. Is this how it works? I would appreciate some clarification regarding this scenario.


Best, Justin  

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