moderated Changed order of items shown outside of email

kevin meyers

Hello, I’m using WS10, Office2016 and most recent version of Jaws2020. I switched the order of the information that shows when on the outside of an email in Outlook. Prior to the most recent version of Jaws I had the subject appear first. Installing the most recent version of Jaws2020 it put the person sending the email appears first. I then changed the view to have the subject first. Now there are emails that I have to press enter on twice. I talked to Microsoft accessibility and they said it was caused by the email having a string of emails and the subject lines are different from one to another. Looking at the email The emails after the current one doesn’t show a subject line. Not sure how MS could say the subject line was different. Plus why would a different subject line cause me to need to press enter twice. I have other emails that have multiple emails within the current one and I only have to press enter once. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin

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