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even without cursor routing keys, and I end up hitting the wrong one half the time anyway LOL, The Orbit is practically the dream braille device I've been imagining for almost 30 years. And, for what it is, the JFW keyboard commands for the Orbit seem to be very extensive, which is why I think some of us are a little surprised that there is a way to emulate a control+F-keys, but not the same for the Alt+F-keys.

It certainly isn't a deal breaker for me if this can't be done as most of the time I will have a bluetooth keyboard nearby, and will probably only use my Orbibt strictly for braille reading even when it's in Remote mode. However, can anyone tell me if you can add or re-map braille display keys in JFW? Maybe there is a way to add  this functionality by re-mapping a keuystroke that I'll never use, anyway?


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 03:03 PM, Marianne Denning wrote:

I want everyone to realize that the Orbit Reader was designed to be a reader rather than a display so it does not have many standard display  commands. It also does not have cursor routing keys.


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Oh, I hate to hear this as I'm waiting for my new  Orbit to arrive, hopefully on Friday. I can't believe there would not be such a basic keyboard command already mapped out.

I can do this on a Refreshabraille 18 display, but this display has  n extra key called the Aux space bar. I press this key, and dots 2 5 6, and this emulates an Alt+F4.

It may have also be possible on a BrailleNote MPower, but I can't remember the exact keys that were u sed.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 09:41 AM, Richard Turner wrote:

On another list, a question was asked how to do alt+f4 from a braille display.

He has the Orbit, which doesn’t seem to have a command like that.

Do other braille displays have that ability.  At least the ability say to toggle the alt key, or control key to on then the ability to hit f4?


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