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Ngoc Ly <lyvanngoc@...>

Dear friend,

Thank you very much... but after pressing ctrl+shift+n only current page number appears in the dialogue box.

Please show me how to go to the last page and how to go to the first page of a file in pdf.

Thank you very much

Ngoc Ly

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once you open a PDF file, press ctrl+shift+N. whatever number will
appear in the dialogue, that is your current page number. i think at
the same time, your screen reader tells you how many pages are there.

On 2/19/12, Ngoc Ly <> wrote:
Dear friends,

I am reading pdf file. I don't know how to read the page number.

After opening a pdf file, I want to know how many pages of the file, too.

Help me please.

Thank you very much

Ngoc Ly

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