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Ekstrand, Pamela A. -ND

I have used both ZoomText and Windows Magnifier in screen share situations. It has been my experience that the person I am screen sharing with does not see the enlarged screen if I am using ZoomText, but does see it enlarged if I am using Magnifier. In fact, I hadn't realized that the other person would see my magnified screen when using Magnifier, and it was quite a surprise to them to see the huge letters.

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Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 7:55 AM
Subject: Re: Zoom: seeing the ZoomText screen

Screen share doesn't show the ZoomText changes.
At 10:00 PM 4/28/2020, you wrote:
I am also wondering if a screen share would help? I would think so
since the user's screen is shared onto the screen of the person's
On 4/28/20, Ann Byrne <> wrote:
We are using Zoom to teach students remotely. I use JAWS tandem to
follow my students' actions closely. the ZoomText instructor, in a
Zoom meeting with her students, needs to see the magnified screen of
her students. Zoom does not show her the enlarged screen, so she is
unable to see what her students are doing.

Are there settings she can change in order to see the students'
screen as they see it?



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