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twblue, can you send new tweets or replies? outgoing activity, can you
do that? i tried but error, i compose new tweet, pressed the send
button and nothing happens. alt tab back to it, the dialog disappears.
this is snapshot version, just got update and updated. tweeted the
dev, no respond. thanks

On 05/02/2020, Cristóbal <> wrote:
There's the rub though. There doesn't seem to be a Twitter client that can
reliably display threads and replies. Chicken Nugget didn't. TWBlue is hit
and miss at best and while I couldn't really figure out OpenTween, no one
else has really chimed in touting its accessibility. I do know folks use
including some pretty accessible tech knowledgeable ones. So maybe it's
a question of giving a spin and sticking with it. You could always try it
and see if OpenTween is any better at that task. Let us know how you fair.
All that said though, being most accessible doesn't necessarily mean
completely accessible.
From what appear to be the available options for us Windows screen readers,
TWBlue seems to check the most boxes.
I mean, even on iOS which I find to be the superior Twitter user experience
the app Twitterrific I and a lot of us VoiceOver folks use can't display
Twitter polls. In fact no third party Twitter client can. It has to do with
the limitations Twitter implements in the API they make available to
There's always the Twitter webpage itself too. That for me feels too clunky
even with the keyboard commands. Different strokes for different folks.
Maybe it's better at this sort of thing.

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At 04:04 AM 2/2/2020, Pramit wrote:
>TWBlue is the most accessible Twitter Client.

We're all still trying to "access" Twitter replies and threads.
What's accessible about a client that excludes these?
Orlando Enrique Fiol

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