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Mike B.

This is very hard to give you an answer!  Only because in even more drastic fashion Outlook Express doesn't work the same across the board since Jaws 16.  J16 was the last version to have Jaws scripts and labeling graphics and things like this doesn't work the same on different computers.  What I'm so clumsylysaying is if I sent you the files I've labeled, and you put them in your J2020 ENU folder they won't work the same for you as they do for me.
Make sure that you run Outlook Express maximized and make sure have the Graphics in Settings Center or quick settings is set to, Labeled.
Contact me off list if you would like to talk about this further.
Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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Subject: outlook express folder help

I am now running jaws 2020, windows 7, and outlook express. Before I installed jaws 2020 and after i had my
e-mail download into outlook express I could tell how many messages in each folder as i scrolled down the list of folders. When I scroll down the folders now jaws is not telling me the number of messages in the folder. Can anyone help me to be able to get this ability to let me know the number of messages in my folders as I scroll down through the folders in outlook express. Thank you for your help with this problem.

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