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Sean Murphy

Let me go into more depth.

Tabindex is the attribute which effects tab order. If this is set to 0, then
the way in which the page is loaded into the browser is the tab order. If a
positive value is used which is a WCAG 2.1 failure. Then the focus order
will change. If a button is activated and this shows new content. Depending
on how the developer has developed the page. The content could appear at the
bottom of the virtual buffer (been inserted at the end of the dom) or
inserted after the button. So the next item Jaws sees is the new content
which is correct behaviour. The page should never use a positive value to
achieve tab order as it breaks things very quickly.

The difference between simple and document mode for Jaws is if the link and
other elements are presented on their own lines or not. The default document
view you will have links and other elements on different lines when using
the down arrow. In document view, the link will be a part of the paragraph
text. The tab order is still the same.

A lot of web sites use a tabindex -1 to change the tab order of items
depending on what you have done on the page.


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I don't think any of these settings effect tab order, Jaws gives this to the
browser no matter what -- they only effect navigating by arrow keys. Jaws
does not interfere with what the browser does with tab.

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Sean Murphy wrote:

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If you are talking about moving between elements. It depends on how the
document object model has been built. The Document Object model is the way
in which the browser stores all the information you are reviewing. There is
the styling piece that comes into as well which is called the CSS. Not sure
if this would effect the tab order.

If you have to links on the same line, they should navigate from left to
right. Starting with the first link. This is of course assuming there is
nothing changing the tab order.

The document view will show you ho the page is structured on the page. For
example. If you have a line of text with a link in it. Jaws will read the
whole line and announces the link as part of it. In simple layout, the first
part of the line is spoken, then the link, then the remaining part of the

I hope the above helps.


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Hi Judy & Bill,

From what I've been told after learning more about Jaws is that when you,
Tab, you are going vertical on the page. This surprised me since I had been
pictureing tabbing as going horizontally across a page, like with the old
school typewriters. This comes from being pretty much self taught and
having a lot of questions like this and not having any real teaching about
computers or Jaws until I found the Jaws-Users group.

So, now let me ask, is the Documents Presentation feature supposed to
change the default Jaws navigation from vertical to horizontal when tabbing?
I don't have any sight at all so I can't tell.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.
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Bill, I tried it both with google chrome and internet explorer and found
the same results as you did. We must be missing something. Judy & Libby

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Hi again, Judy. I just tried switching to Google Chrome, setting Document
Presentation to either Simple or Screen Layout, and I get the same
horizontal traversal with TAB, no matter how this setting is set. Either I'm
missing something about this setting, or it is not working properly.

Bill White <>

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What do you call it if you want to read the links vertically? I went to
the settings and thought I chose what I should with simple view and the
choice for vertical and saved it but things are still read horizontally.
What did I miss? Judy & Libby

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Subject: Links, Feature To Read Links Across Verses In a List

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From: Frank Ventura <>

Hi all, there is a setting in JAWS that allows a person to read links on a
web page left to right as they are viewed by a sighted person, instead of
the normal up and down. It has been in for a few versions of JAWS. Can
anyone think of the name of that feature?


Frank Ventura

From: Randy

From: Norma A. Boge
Hi Frank,
I?m pretty sure it?s Document Presentation Mode. Apologies in advance if I
send you down the wrong path.



From: Mike B.

Document Presentation Mode is in the Settings Center

Document Presentation Mode is here, Web / HTML / PDFs / Navigation


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