moderated Re: How to use the time shifs tool in audacity

David Bailes

Hi Michael,
You can only use the time shift tool using a mouse, not the keyboard. However, a keyboard user can time shift tracks using the commands on the align tracks sub menu, which is on the Tracks menu.
For example, if you want to time shift the audio in a track so that it starts at a certain time:
1. Move the cursor to the time at which you want the audio to start.
2. Select the track which contains the audio which you want to time shift, and ensure that other tracks are not selected.
3. Open the tracks menu, open the align tracks sub menu, and choose Start to Cursor/Selection start.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 05:21 PM, Michael Munn wrote:
Hi all I have a question here on how to use the time shifts tool in Audacity. I tried the keyboard shortcut F5 key command and that keyboard shortcut proved to be invallad . 
Hope to hear from you on where is the time shifts tool.
Best regards 
Michael Munn 

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