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Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...>

I think it might be the new “grace period authorization” thing in jaws2020. I think it is starting up too quickly for windows 10.

At the moment, it is authorized for 90 days using ilm. Would it make any difference if it was authorized using the internet? Would this slow down the startup enough? Is there any way to disable this new feature?




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I would check jaws 2018 Settings and confirm  it is not configured to start up automatically or a login.


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I am new to this group, so i hope i am doing this right.

I have jaws2018 and 2020. 2018 works fine, but when 2020 starts, there is no jaws window.

It seems to be starting before windows 10 has loaded.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but there was no change.


Any ideas?







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