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Patrick Murphy

Hi Mike,


I have tried all this, I tried to post a full message about everything last night, but it was not approved. I think it was too big.

Regardless of what I do with jaws2020 (login screen etc), the first time it starts up, there is no window to go to.

Insert+j brings you nowhere whether it is running from system tray or not.

If you shut it down (insert+f4) and then restart it, everything is ok. If you don’t start it at the login screen, it still produces no window.




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It sounds like J2020 is set to start on the log-in screen.  If you're saying that there's no Jaws window when you, Alt + tab, you probably have J2020 running from the system tray.  To find the settings for both these items press, Insert + J, to open the Jaws context menu, press the letter, O, to open, Options, and press the letter, B, to open, Basic.  Now tab to Automatically start Jaws... button and press the spacebar to find your Jaws start settings and tab to Okay and press the spacebar when you're through in here.  Now tab 3 times or so to, Run Jaws from system tray, and uncheck this if you want the Jaws window to be in the, Alt + Tab, order, then tab to Okay and press enter to save / close.

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I am new to this group, so i hope i am doing this right.

I have jaws2018 and 2020. 2018 works fine, but when 2020 starts, there is no jaws window.

It seems to be starting before windows 10 has loaded.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but there was no change.


Any ideas?







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