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Patrick Murphy

Hi Michelle,


Its just a standard windows 10 home edition laptop.

Windows boots up, and then at the sign-screen, jaws starts.

I have it set to always start for this user and to start at the log on screen.

Works for 2018, but 2020 starts very quickly after sign-in screen so no jaws window can be seen with insert+j or any other way.




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hi Pat 


Michelle Here, 


Not knowing your system are you logging on to profiles on the computer? or can you log on to desktop direct? 


I had to get Jaws 2020 to make sure it booted up at startup. Sometimes you may need to do this through your settings in windows. Force jaws to start up on login. 


Good luck



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I am new to this group, so i hope i am doing this right.

I have jaws2018 and 2020. 2018 works fine, but when 2020 starts, there is no jaws window.

It seems to be starting before windows 10 has loaded.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but there was no change.


Any ideas?







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