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JM Casey

It could be fine if it's just a "mode" -- but if we don't really know what it is exactly, being cautious about turning it on seems reasonable. It's not great accessibilitly practice to create a separate scheme for screen reader users. On some websites I've seen in the past (thankfully not too recently, I don't think) this even means a whole differetn set of webpages -- that'sa bad thing because who knows if they are updated/maintained with the diligence of the "normal" site?

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Yes, but I'm not sure it's a problem. Usually if a website has a screen reader mode, I assume it's designed to make the site work better with a screen reader and enable it. I'd rather be told about the mode, because sometimes they also have extra help for using the website with a screen reader. I usually use NVDA, if that makes a difference. What problems does this cause for you? Would you rather it could autodetect your screen reader?

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