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JM Casey

Reaper is not that much more costly than Goldwave at all.
It's definitely more powerful, versatile and so on.
But it's also much, much more complex piece of software. There is a considerable learning curve if you haven't used serious DAWs before. At least I find it so -- your milage may vary.
So again it depends on what you'd like to do. Goldwave is a good little programme for single track editing and your money would be well spent. However, if you are looking into doing serious audio work...multitracking, complex efects chains, adaptability with various sorts of vst plugins...Reaper may also be worth the investment.
If you're new to multitrack editing, you could certainly start with Audacity. It is free and unlike goldwave it does have true multitrack capability.

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consider, there's also a DAW called Reaper that's said to be very, very good, especially in manipulating sound at a granular level, more accurate and capable than Goldwave or Audacity. but more costly.

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Which of these two audio editing programs would you recommend? I have used both a bit. I am using JAWS 2019 with a new laptop, running Windows 10. Which program is better in terms of being user-friendly, working well with JAWS, the ability to easily adjust levels for mixing voice and music beds, etc.?
Thank you for your advice.


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