moderated Re: Problem Retrieving Original Sender's E-mail Address On E-mail Lists


On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 04:14 PM, Tom Behler wrote:
On most e-mail lists, there is a link for “reply to sender”.  However, when I access this link, I get put into some sort of a Microsoft Edge mail app that I cannot figure out how to navigate.
You need to go into Windows 10 Settings, Apps, Default Apps, and for Email (which is the first in the list) activate the button that probably reads Windows 10 Mail App or Edge, and once activated, choose Outlook 365 instead.

In all cases, whatever you have chosen as the default e-mail app will open for a mailto: link, which is precisely what the Reply to Sender link in messages are, with the address of the mailto: being that of the individual who wrote the message to the group.

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